rivka cymbalist

“My experience with birthing women has shown me that women are perfectly capable of giving birth without intervention if they are given the right environment and support to do so.” 

We all intuitively know that the birth of a child is a fundamental event for the mother. It will be remembered by her for her whole life, and it will inspire her in different ways. Many women in our culture are hoping to give birth without drugs and interventions, and many are interested in the prospect of giving birth without pain. Most women feel intense joy when they first see their child,                                          and many women feel doubts and anxiety about the way they gave birth.
My goal is to help find some clarity about birth. We need to step back a little, and stop trying to persuade women that they want what we want.
To this end, I am available as a doula, mostly for women who have experienced traumatic births previously. I am interested in teaching others to accompany women in childbirth, and I run interesting five day workshops in various locations around the world. 
I have recently released a book about natural childbirth, hospitals, and doulas titled The Birth Conspiracy.
I run a charity that provides free doula services for women in need, and I train volunteer doulas within immigrant communities.
And I live in a warm house with my husband and a few of my five sons, in Montreal and in Italy.
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